Which Banana Would You Eat? Your Answer May Have An Effect On Your Health

a lot of us are hoping to gain a number of different health benefits when we eat bananas.and others eat them just because they really love the taste. and some people merely trying to keep the potassium’s level high. this healthy fruit contains a really good amount of vitamins that our body can benefit them and some other assorted nutrients our bodies require. but the question is are you aware of the different colors and the benefits that they can provide?

every single banana coloration comes with its own definite. so let’s start. The greenest of bananas are a pivotal factor in the diet if you have diabetes and you struggling to keep the blood sugar in check, they are very low on the glycemic index, so the green bananas are good snacks for those who have diabetes and should pay close attention to their body’s sugar levels. also, the green and young bananas lead to a longer period of satiety.

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